Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waiting... waiting...

There isn't really much to say right now. I don't like waiting. I'm hoping there will be some sort of news from ALAD soon - I'm assuming that is what SexyBank are waiting for, and not for the whole DNA thing to happen (because at the rate the Puerto case - which is closed again now - moves, he'd be lucky if it happened anytime this millenium!!). I'm also waiting for my sexy new road bike to come. I hate waiting.

One thing I'm not doing, while I'm waiting, is reading any more of the crap in the media about Frank. There has been one press release from SexyBank, and one statement by Frank, they say exactly the same thing, and they are the only statements made by either about the situation. I've read them a number of times, and just can't seem to find the bit where it says Frank is suspended - can anyone help me?? It is obviously in there somewhere, because every news article that comes up on my Google Alert is about this 'suspension' ...or is it that 'suspended' sounds so much more scandalous than him not entering any races until they know the ALAD outcome?

Oh, and I didn't see the bit where it said he was 'connected' to the Operacion Puerto case either, as is widely reoprted in the media. What I read was: 'There is no evidence in the full Operacion Puerto case file that suggests his involvement in the case'. I must have issues with my interpretation of this, because I took it to mean that there is no evidence to suggest his involvement in the case. I guess that's why I'm not a clever journalist.

...And another reason why I'm not reading any more "Frank is an Evil Doper" articles are those pictures they keep using. Below is another example:

I've noticed though that Frank is still listed to race next Thursday in Italy on the SexyBank website ... so hopfully I won't be waiting too much longer.


Maggie said...

Here's what I don't get: The Spanish Courts have CLOSED the OP case because they say that no Spanish laws had been broken at the time, but someone is pressuring them to re-open it. How the heck can another country tell Spain what to do?

To me if the case is closed; it be closed.

Frank is provisionally suspended, but I am not sure on what grounds. Riis says it is until he gets this cleared up. What needs to be cleared up if the case is closed. PLUS I thought that on Wednesday Luxembourg decided not to pursue the allegations. Now I'm hearing that Frank is suspended until Frank goes before Lux authorities on disciplinary actions against him.

I just don't get what is going on!

Nic80 said...

Exactly. They should just move on. Is it not more important that the sport is clean NOW, rather than in 2006, or 1999 (with Lance)? If they find out that CSC were doping in this year's TdF, like the Belgian press are alleging, then go ahead and suspend all of them. But I don't think they were.

I don't know if I believe Frank was just paying for training advice, but there is no way of proving that he was doing otherwise - he wouldn't be agreeing to submit DNA if any of those blood bags were his. He got out before there was any hard evidence. So I think there is no way he can get banned for 2 years. And I think SexyBank will be very reluctant to sack him because they've already lost Sastre, so the last thing they will want is to lose Andy. So hopefully they're just waiting for ALAD to say they're not pursuing anything. It's so bloody confusing, I just don't know anymore!