Monday, October 6, 2008

Frank Schleck Salad

The last thing that I expected to wake up to this morning was news that Hot Fabian Cancellara was likely to be declared the winner of the one of the TdF time trials - especially since it is October, not July ...but he probably will be because Schumacher's performance was evidently too good to be real, and he's tested positive for EPO. I wonder where it will ever end??

...And SexyBank have taken Frank and Andy's names off of the rest of the year's races. My imagination has been running wild, and I've come up with a perfect resolution to this whole situation. Here it is: SexyBank don't deserve Frank and Andy - they should just call Riis and tell him it's over, and that Hot Fabian is leaving with them. QuickStep obviously need people who can win races now, with Bettini retiring and Schumacher about to be booted. So the Hot Cyclists should join Sexy Tom Boonen at QuickStep and form the Ultimate Sexy Team - they'd look hot in blue anyway. The next step will be some team bonding and race practice. The obvious setting for this the Tour Down Under in January, which of course is in Adelaide, Australia. Which is, of course, where I happen to live. Then I need to get a gig as an official Tour physiotherapist (when I was a physio student, they actually did try recruit people to rub down the riders ...but that was before it was a proper UCI event)... see where I'm heading here?? Perfect solution!

... And Frank Schleck Salad?? When I saw that SexyBank had removed Frank and Andy from their race schedule, I thought I'd check Google to see if this was in response to news from ALAD. To which my friend Google responded: Did you mean Frank Schleck Salad? No, but I'll have some anyway!


Bridget said...

Haha! Frank Schleck Salad! That's good!
I'm all for the Tour Down Under idea as I live in Victoria! Bring it on!
Ahh when will dopers learn? They're always going to get caught...

Nic80 said...

Haha, Bridget - you can stay in my spare room and we can hunt them together - one of the stages comes practically right past my house :)

Rose said...

I'm SO all for the Tour Down Under idea, coz I'm from Adelaide too, and I've been hoping for months now that the Schleckers'll bother with our hot and humble little dirt-track event. I mean, Armstrong wants to, right? So that means Frank and Andy should jump at the chance. Right? What more incentive can a rider have? It's Armstrong! Well, we hope it will be *sighs*

Now that we're also, (round about) on the subject of The Fabster Cancellara, don't you agree that he should (by now - he's 27 after all) have a football team's worth of little Fabster Cancellaras running around? He just needs more kids. Just a thought I had. Not like I've been thinking about it, jeepers. :P

I'm surprised... I didn't think there was more than two female cycling fans IN South Australia. I've just gotten a warm fuzzy. Friends, anyone?

Alexithymia said...

I want me a Frank Schleck Salad! They should really start serving them.
I want to open a cycling-themed pub one day so i could serve it :p
I'm not sure the world could handle Tommeke, Fabian, Frank and Andy all on one team, that's a hell of a lot of sexyness!

I'm Helen btw, sometimes it'll come up as Alexithymia but that's just if i'm signed in on my e-mail or not.

Sasha said...

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully little Fabians would have the beautiful hair of their father and sister.

Nic80 said...

Rose, I don't actually know any girls in Adelaide who have heard of any cylists except Lance and Stuey - how exciting that someone else here knows who Frank and Andy are!!

I don't know about football teams of little Fabians running around, but I wish there were many big Fabian clones, so that everyone could have one each - lol!