Friday, October 3, 2008

A general whinge about the week's proceedings (AKA The Frank Schleck Witch Hunt)

I've decided to start this blog precisely because I should be doing more important things, like studying ...but studying is boring ...writing about Hot Cyclists is much more worthy of my time...

I will start by clarifying who, exactly, qualifies as a member of my Hot Cyclists Posse. First and foremost is Frank Schleck. He is, and always will be, The Hottest of Them All. Next is Fabian Cancellara. He has the Hottest Legs in the world. And finally, there is Andy Schleck. He is a bit young, but an absoulte cutie nonetheless. Valverde and Boonen are close contenders, and may very well enter the realm of Hot Cyclists in the near future.

All is not well in the Land of the Hot Cyclist. I am getting increasingly frustrated by the whole Frank Schleck scenario. I am sick of reading dodgy translations of Euro news articles that insinuate that Frank is the world's biggest dope-fiend, based absolutely no substance. He says he has a plausible explanation. At least wait to hear it before calling for him to be burned at the stake, people! ...And besides, that €7000 was for a present for Basso's dog, surely!

...Hopefully it will all be over soon though, because Frank is reportedly in Denmark today to explain things to the Sexy-Bank team - let's hope for good news!

...And even Mr Sexy Legs Cancellara isn't safe from the circling vultures! But Fabian has it all worked out. He has never doped ...but if his TdF tests turn up anything it is because they've been tampered with. I am hoping that silly Fab didn't really say that last bit, and it is just a poor translation - because that sounds dodgy!

...And then there's poor cutie Andy, who has been caught up in this mess through no fault of his own (there is no way someone that innocent-looking is on the juice). He's been the loyal little brother and accompanied Frank to Switzerland and Denmark to do his explaning. Go Andy!

So... I have my fingers crossed that by next week my Posse of 3 Hot Cyclists has not been reduced to 1 Hot and Lonely Cyclist, and 2 Hot and Banned Cyclists.

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